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Pay with Subtotal at your favorite restaurants and earn up to 10% cash back.


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Install the Subtotal app on your phone in seconds and you're ready to save up. No account required.

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Subtotal saves you money at tens of thousands of locations in the US spanning over 60 restaurant brands.

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Subtotal supports Apple Pay so checkout is a breeze.

Our Partners


Up to 8% back


Up to 8% back

Morton's The Steakhouse

Up to 8% back

Boston Market

Up to 8% back

Red Lobster

Up to 4% back


Up to 8% back

Black Angus Steakhouse

Up to 9% back

Papa John's

Up to 7% back

Burger King

Up to 7% back

Coldstone Creamery

Up to 7% back


Up to 8% back

Outback Steakhouse

Up to 6% back


Q: How does the checkout process work?

A: When you get your bill from the restaurant, simply open the Subtotal app, type in the subtotal (and optional tip), and pay with your credit card, debit card, or Apple Pay. Subtotal generates a gift card for your exact bill total in real time. You then present this card to your server to pay. Once you pay, you'll get your cash back directly to your credit or debit card within 7-14 days!

Q: Where does the cash back come from?

A: Cash back at all your favorite restaurants might seem too good to be true. However, many brands actually have cash back programs for their gift cards, but only for specific use cases. We work with our restaurant patners and allow you to get cash back towards your life goals. That way, you can eat out while saving up towards your goals, and brands are happy to support your mortgage, college tuition, or other life expense!

Q: Where do the gift cards come from?

A: Subtotal works with hundreds of restaurants as an approved partner, and all gift cards are first-hand and come directly from the partners. All sales are fully warrantied. Beware of gift cards sold through online marketplaces, which are often mislabelled or invalid.

Q: Is Subtotal safe?

A: Subtotal is an extremely safe way to pay. Your credit card information is secured before processing using industry-standard 256-bit SSL encryption. You can also checkout without providing your credit card number using Apple Pay. This uses the Secure Element chip along with your thumbprint or password to store your payment information safely. See Subtotal Policies for more details on how Subtotal protects your privacy.

Q: Can I use this when ordering takeout/delivery?

A: Yes! Subtotal can be used when eating at a restaurant, ordering takout, or getting delivery. If you're ordering through an app, just type in the gift card number from Subtotal into the restaurant's app when checking out.

Q: What if I have issues or questions when I'm placing my order?

A: We provide text message support right inside the app, so you can get instant help if you experience any difficulties. If you still have questions, reach out to us at!

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"I took my husband out for dinner at Applebee’s and got $9 back to put towards
my monthly mortgage payment.”

Galina, Cleveland, OH

"There’s literally no reason to not save money using Subtotal. It's free money.
Better yet, leave the server a bigger tip!"

Doug, San Francisco, CA

"I go to Chili’s a lot, and Subtotal has saved me enough to get a free meal, on top of their coupons!
Thank you to the team that made this.”